I am Free of Control – Part 2

Let the Current Carry Me

Trying to take control of what is not our responsibility is like trying to swim upstream.  We stroke, and stroke, and stroke, and never get anywhere.  We run out of breath, get discouraged and angry.  God said:
“Cease striving and know that I am God.”
(Psalm 46:10)

When walk out into the middle of the river, the water will rise to our ankles, to our knees, past our waists, then eventually over our heads.  When the water is over our heads, we cannot walk.  We cannot control where the current takes us.  We have to allow the Spirit to take control.

Ezekiel 47:1 The man brought me back to the entrance to the temple, and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east). The water was coming down from under the south side of the temple, south of the altar.2 He then brought me out through the north gate and led me around the outside to the outer gate facing east, and the water was trickling from the south side.  3 As the man went eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits and then led me through water that was ankle-deep. 4 He measured off another thousand cubits and led me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another thousand and led me through water that was up to the waist. 5 He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross.

The water represents the holy spirit

When we are flowing with the Holy Spirit of God, we can rest and relax in the flow of the current.  He will carry us where He wants us to go.  Let go of control and let God handle all the problems in our lives.  He carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders, surely He can carry our burdens and lift our load and turn our sorrow into joy.


Author: Terri Byars

I love to write. I have kept a journal since I was 13 years old. My hobbies are singing, reading, writing poetry, puzzles listening to Christian music, reading the bible. I have been a Christian since 1978. I have been married since 1986 and have two grown children and 4 grandchildren.

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