I discovered this new food pyramid online.  I like this style of eating and have been trying to move to this diet for a while due to diabetes in my family.  I am glad that I found this online. It’s good to know someone else feels the way I do about limiting my grains and legumes so much.  I have diabetes in my family and have been trying to eat low carb for a while.  I am not diabetic; but have been told I could be pre-diabetic.  I feel that is no longer the case because of my low carb healthy eating style.  Research this for yourself beginning with this website above and see if it’s right for you.  I feel much better since I have been eating this way–more energy, less cravings, weight loss (about 2-3 pounds a week or 10-12 pounds a month).  Please feel free to comment below about what new healthy diet you have discovered.


Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup

Eat well, live wellStart the year healthy with this hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup:

Good for cold days of winter.

 Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup

Chicken breast, 1½   pounds boiled in just enough water to cover chicken

(This water is kept and used for stock/broth)

Celery – one bunch

Onions – 2

Bell peppers – 5 (various colors)

Carrots – 12 oz. shredded

Mushrooms – 8 ounces sliced or button size

Green Chilies – 7 oz. can

Green beans, one pound frozen

2 cans black beans

2 cans pinto beans

2 cans tomatoes

Corn, one pound frozen

Peas, one pound frozen

Garlic powder

Italian seasoning

Additional herbs and Seasoning as desired

Combine all ingredients except corn and peas in a 6 quart – sized soup pot.

Cook until all vegetables are tender, about 1½ to 2 hours.  (Celery usually takes longest).

There is not very much liquid to start.  Liquid will increase as the soup cooks. 

This is meant to be a thick, hearty soup.

Stir often to keep from burning on the bottom.

Add Corn and Peas the last five minutes.  Peas get mushy if cooked too long.

Spice to taste.

A New Me By 53 – Renewed Determination

Bipolar Eating Disorder

junk-food-junkyFor the past week I’ve been eating holiday foods:  cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, li’l smokies in biscuits, bacon wrapped jalapeno, ham, corn, rice casserole, etc. (notice almost all simple carbs).   Besides all that, I had bought a few bags of candy over the past couple weeks: jelly beans, M & M’s, etc.  Believe it or not, at times, I actually like eating healthy.  It’s almost like I have bipolar eating disorder.  My mind, my intellect, my spirit, or Someone in there tells me to eat healthy.  But my body cries out “CANDY, DONUTS, TWINKIES, ICE CREAM”.  I have read all the different diet books and have all the answers on what is good to eat (which everyone disagrees on by the way:  high carb, low carb, high protein, vegan, eat meat, don’t eat meat, eat potatoes, don’t eat potatoes.)    I have the knowledge, but not the discipline to stick with a good, healthy diet.  Plus emotions always get in the way.

Salad withdrawals

bowl-of-saladToday I finally had a salad.  Part of the reason it had been so long is because of the snow.  I couldn’t get out and travel for a couple of days due to ice on the roads and I ran out of salad.  But when I ate it today it tasted so wonderful that I felt like I had gone through salad withdrawals and I finally gained the vitamins I had been craving for so long.  I also go through soup withdrawals at times.  I make homemade soup a lot with lots of veggies, healthy, low-fat meats and low-salt/no-salt broths.  And when it’s been a while since I have eaten soups, I crave it like an addict, I must have it.

Lessons Learned

This brings an idea to mind which I believe I have heard before.  You crave what you eat.  If I can come to the point where I only eat (as my chiropractor says) “real food” as opposed to processed or junk foods, maybe I will stop craving junk foods.  The problem with that is my mind tells me that when I do something well, I deserve a reward:  food.  When I am stressed, bored, angry, depressed, etc., I need comfort:  food.  In addition to changing the cravings of my body, I need to change the cravings of my soul.  I suppose that would mean the more I read God’s Word, the more I will crave God’s Word.  Hmmm,  what an idea.  I think I will try that for a while — stop watching TV and read the Word of God.  Stop surfing the net and start searching for the face and favor of God.

When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, LORD, I will seek.”  Psalm 27:8

Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore!  Psalm 105:4

For am I now  seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a  bond-servant of Christ. Galatians 1:20

A new Me by 53?




I am totally having trouble sticking to this goal.  That is why I haven’t posted in this category for a long time.  I’ve gained weight again so the body part is really going down the drain.  The soul part is up and down.

  Emotions, can you trust them? 








Spiritually, God has never failed me yet.  I am hanging on to Him like glue.  I may not be praising or praying as much as I used to, or as much as I’d like to, but I am still in love with my King and asking for His help constantly.  Life is hard, but God is good, all the time.

There is something magical about the new year as far as resolutions and re-committments, so I think I will re-start this 1-1-13.  There are a few nutritionist on WordPress that I follow.  If any of you have any suggestions on how to beat this stuff, let me know.  I’ve tried almost every diet in existence.






A new Me By 53 – Week 1


 I have had no sweets the whole week.  The only thing I remember eating with sugar in it is yogurt and one mini muffin they served at church.


I ate low-calorie the first four days of the week (week starts Monday)
Over the weekend I let myself go (except still no sweets, Yay!)
I ate pizza on Saturday and snacked on a lot of crackers and dip both days.

Weight Loss:

I lost 3 pounds when I weight in on Thursday mid-week.
I gained two back over the weekend eating the pizza and snacking on so many crackers and dip.  NET WEIGHT LOSS:  1.2 POUNDS


4 DAYS:  I went to the gym Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
My goal was 5 days, but I forgot to put my gym bag in the car one morning when I went to work and I live a few miles out of town.


A big victory here.  I am learning to let go of circumstances that I have no control over and accepting them as they come.  They are not mine to control.  They are not my responsibility and I am pleased no matter how they turn out.  Free to be me.   And letting others be free to be themselves.


Drink at least 2 liters of water daily.
No sweets (of course this goal is constant every week)
Exercise 5 days
Lose 2 pounds.

A new me by 53 Day 4

Day 4

Breakfast:  Jimmy Dean’s ham and cheese omelet. 
Lunch: Schlotzsky’s Deli.  I had a Roast beef sandwich and chips.  Not the healthiest lunch, but it’s what I was craving.


Went to the gym today again.  I’m really loving it there.  I didn’t go Tuesday or Wednesday, so I tried to spend more time there today.  Some treadmill, bicycle, weight machines.  Spent about an hour and a half there.  It’s a good place to go really for stress relief.  I feel like I’m taking a break from the regular routine of work, go home, eat, watch tv.  It’s like my own time I spend doing what I want to do.


My goal is to just eat healthy and go to the gym regularly.  I’m not going overboard with it like I have in the past.  Just trying my best to stay moderately healthy and exercise when I can.

A New Me By 53-Day 2

Day 2.  What I ate:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and cheese

Lunch: Apple and Lance sour cream and chives cracker sandwiches (Ate at my desk, too busy to eat lunch)

Skipped the gym today.  I forgot my gym bag and just went home and started doing laundry and writing this blog.

Dinner:  Salad with mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, snow peas, ranch dressing.

I’m starting really lite, but I’m not really hungry when I think about it.  I only want to eat when I am really hungry.  So I need to ask myself the question:  Am I hungry?

I will go to the gym again.  No more excuses.  The big test is tomorrow, halloween….Stay tuned in.