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I’m snowed in today.  Above are pictures of my front door and back yard.  Just a few inches.  Not so bad really, but this is Texas, and the people here barely know what snow is, but we are becoming very familiar with it in these past few years.  And since we are above and below freezing a lot, the snow melts and re-freezes and becomes ice, a terrible situation for roads.

The news advises us not to get out unless it is absolutely necessary.  Not going to work.

At least we don’t have to deal with this: (Got the following picture online somewhere. I think it’s in Oregon.)


Christmas Through the Years

As the years roll by, Christmas becomes a lot different.  The first 20 – 25 years of my life, it was increasingly busy, and increasingly crowded.  As the family grew with more children, we all began helping out in the kitchen.  Even my Dad was in there cooking with the rest of us.  He made pumpkin pie from scratch (sometimes using the inside of the pumpkin used the for Halloween jack-o-lantern).  He made giblet dressing from scratch.  Mom cooked several dishes.  We children (I had 4 sisters) helped with setting the table, making the relish tray (pickles, olives, etc.).  We all sat around the table and ate together.  As we grew into teenagers and then young adults there were a few guys added to the table as we invited our boyfriends, fiance, and eventually husbands and children to join us for the holidays.  Then it was my mom, dad, 4 sisters, 2 or three husbands, about 5 children.  It grew to about 15 people.   That was in Tennessee.

A couple of years after we was married, my husband and I moved to Texas with our one year old daughter.  It went down to 3 people:  My husband and I, and our 1-year-old daughter.  Gone were the days of 7 people in the kitchen joining in on the cooking, creating, cleaning.  It all fell on one person:  me!  I still made the big dinner with turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, corn on the cob, and two pies.  That was the usual dinner growing up through the years, so that’s what I made.  Needless to say, it lasted a week.  I was so lonely for the Christmas crowd in the kitchen.

Well, the kids have grown and both my children are working today — one in New York City, the other here in town.  My husband and I are having a quiet day, almost boring day here at the house.  I made ham, corn on the cob, salad (from a bag, lol) and my husband made bacon wrapped jalapeno and li’l smokies in biscuits.  A lot smaller meal, a lot smaller family.  My daughter may come over later and re-heat some of the food for supper.

Christmas has changed throughout the years, but the message is still the same.  One day God sent his one and only son to be born in a stable, in a manger.  A king was born for you and me.  He has come to save us, to heal us, to show us the way to the Father.


Praise God for his indescribable gift.

Will Christmas Become a Crime?

 Is it Christmas or Santa Day?

happy-birthday-jesusIs Christmas becoming a crime?  Little by little we as Christians are losing our freedom.  Prayer is taken out of school in the early 60s.  In God We Trust, the Ten Commandments not being displayed in public, One Nation Under God taken our of the pledge of allegiance.  And Jesus is being taken out of Christmas as we hear “Happy Holidays” or see “Merry Xmas” instead.  We must stand up and fight for our rights.  We must pray for our freedom.

imagesCA9JNJPAIs Thanksgiving becoming obsolete?  Many are beginning to pass over the day in which we give thanks to God for our blessings, our life, our peace, and our freedom.  Instead we stand in line for a material gift.  Santa is taking over.  Materialism and commercialism are taking the place of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I just finished watching “Last Ounce of Courage” and it’s got me riled up.  We need to take a stand and fight for what we believe.  “WE MUST NOT LET THE ENEMY TAKE ANOTHER STEP, NOT ONE MORE STEP. ”

Abundance is…Family and Friends at Christmas

cute-christmas-clip-art-2-freecuteclipartblogspot_1[1]One of the best memories of Christmas is when my parents and sisters would gather around the tree and pass out the Christmas presents.  We would open them one by one and the others would watch as we found out what everyone received.

Christmas was a time of family.  My dad can cook very well, and my sisters and I would want to get involved also, so Mom, Dad, and all my 4 sisters would be involved in the kitchen getting ready for the big Christmas dinner.  It was a time of sharing and caring as the family would gather at the table and all eat together.

May your Christmas be joyful as you share with family and friends.  But may you also remember the real reason for the Christmas season.  Jesus came to build a relationship with all of us.  Even if you have nobody to spend Christmas with this year.  Jesus can be your constant companion if you let Him into your life.