Live, Laugh, Love

I woke up today in a great mood because I had a wonderful dream. I believe dreams are a picture of how our soul is doing. In this temporal world here on Earth, I have fears, worries, heartache; but in my dream last night, and periodically in the past, my dreams have been full of joy. I have no recollection of my present situation. I am just in a dream having fun, no inhibitions.

It was a crazy dream where my son was in town visiting (He was always a happy child. I rarely ever saw him sad or mad. And when he was, it was short-lived) and checking out the house we had just bought. He was running around excited about the house. Then it skipped to a scene where he was laughing and jumped into a swimming pool with his clothes on. As I looked, I saw several people in the pool with clothes on.

We don’t own a pool, and he has already seen our house which we bought at the beginning of this year, so the dream was unrealistic, but it was what was in my soul at the time.

To me, the dream was symbolic of just spontaneously having fun, whether it’s planned or not. Have fun wherever I am, whatever I’m doing and with whomever is in my company at the time. And now worrying about how it is “supposed to be done”. Life is to be enjoyed. Life is to be loved, lived to the full. Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly (John 10:10). It is the thief, the enemy, the devil who tries to steal our joy and our peace and kill our dreams and hopes.


So, today, I will LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and have fun in whatever I do.  I will learn to be content whatever the circumstance (Phil. 4:11).

Have a wonderful day!

Dont Lose Your Dream


God is such a life-giving God.  He brings life to that which was dead.  When we trust in Him, He can bring life even to our dreams and our hopes.  Sometimes growing up we have these dreams and hopes of what life as an adult will hold.  We hope to aspire to a certain career, or family, or marriage, etc.  As life goes on, we find ourselves just going through the motions and taking what comes.  Life throws a few hard balls and we are hurt, wounded in action.  Sometimes fear creeps in and we lose our dream thinking “It will never happen, why try”.  Well I am writing this to tell you, God is a God of hope.  Again, I say, He is a God who brings life even to our dreams and hopes.  Give Him your dream.




Even when your dream fades or you find it is no longer possible due to physical, financial, relational, etc. difficulties.  God will heal your hurts when these things happen.  He will give you joy in the midst of your broken dreams.  He will give you peace in troubled times.  He will mend your broken heart,maybe even give you a new dream.





As troubles come way, God is saying, “Come unto me all who weary and I will give you rest.”  He wants to hold us.  He wants to hide us in the shelter of His wings and renew our song, bring us joy.  He desires us to run to Him when we cry.  He will fill us with joy unspeakable and full of glory.  Come to Him everyone.  Come to the God of all comfort and be blessed.  Even in the midst of a storm.