Poem – Silent Cries



July 3, 2009

There’s a silent cry in the world tonight
When the people think everything’s alright.
A cry of pain that nobody hears
A cry of sorrow but with no tears;
The problem shows its ugly head
But nothing is done, nothing is said;
It’s accepted as alright;
It’s not dealt with or brought to light.
The pain takes over, controls, lives on
While all is lost and hope is gone.
For if you fight the fight yourself
And even friends don’t want to help
And instead contribute to the pain,
It comes back time and time again--
A silent cry that no one hears
Slowly kills while others close their ears.
By Terri Byars
All right reserved
Copyright 2009
For those who feel the way this poem describes, I need to tell you about the One who is always there, always comforts, always brings peace and joy.  There is a God who came to earth to meet us.  He came down to find us and to overcome the world with all its pain.  Nothing is to hard for Him to handle.  He will never leave you as orphans, He will never leave you comfortless, He will never forsake you.

Trust in Him, Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One, and find the One who will carry you through every pain and rejoice with you through every triumph.