Free of Control – part 3


Sometimes as I’m riding the current down the river, (river represents the Spirit of God) I feel like I need to stop and remove all the debris left by the world.  I feel like I need to fix things and make everyone happy.

Many times I am told that:

Cleaning up everyone’s mess is not my job.  I am supposed to care, yes.  I am supposed to follow God’s example of compassion, yes.  But sometimes if I pick something up, I am preventing God from taking it and changing it or fixing it.  He can’t take control if I keep trying to pull the responsibility away from Him.

So I will give the job back to those who are supposed to do it:   And I will just flow with the Spirit and stop fighting the current to get all the debris out of the way.

friday's comingInstead of Hanging on, maybe we should just let go and let God work.  Maybe I should let go and stop worrying about tomorrow.

Maybe I should just let go and relax and rest in His presence.  Come on kitty, let go and rest in the grass.