My Prince and I

Love is growing in the field of romance

And like the sunshine on flowers we dance;

Here we meet, in our secret place

For I search for truths and seek His face.

He shares His treasures of truth with me

Breaking bondages and setting me free

From the cares and sorrows that my life may bring

Causing my heart to soar and sing;

As we’re walking along He refreshes my soul

Like a flowing waterfall making me whole,

Restoring my strength with cakes and cream

And giving me peace and joy like a dream;

His constant companionship, faithfulness and love

Despite my failures brings me hope from above,

He’s my groom taking me to His place

Eternally dancing with me face to face

I know His love for me has no end

My Lover, Redeemer, Warrior and Friend.

©2008 Terri Byars, All Rights Reserved.